Dream Health

We should all be dreaming, it’s an essential part of our experience and in Chumash culture there is a natural traditional medicine for your dreams.

Mugwart is called “Dream Sage”

Mugwart, or “Dream Sage”, is part of the Chumash culture and the common knowledge medicinal uses are Mugwart leaves used as a tea and dried leaves for aromatherapy at night inside a small pillow.

Mugwart Tea

Drinking Mugwart Tea just before bedtime helps with sleep, deep dream-state sleep. Drinking this tea for four nights in a row will help help snap you back to your center and bring you back to a safe place. You have to be safe in order to dream, practicing Chumash medicine in today’s modern world is a way of creating a safe place for ourselves. Making medicinal tea uses a single leaf, fresh or dry. You stir a single leaf around in a small pot of cool water without touching the sides of the pot, without dragging it across the bottom, gently, camly stir the water with one leaf. Just when it starts to boil, remove it from the heat and it’s prepared.

Mugwart Pillow

Making a small pillow out of fabric and sewing dried Mugwart leaves into it provides aromatherapy benefits. It can help you sleep better and allow things to flow and you to dream naturally. It is known in the Chumash culture that caring for someone else’s dreams by creating a Mugwart pillow for them is considered one of the most romantic gestures.