Natural Medicine, Health and Spiritual Wellbeing

Natural medicine is the knowledge and tools that keep you mentally, physically and spiritually well, or what is now called “balance”. Here you will find native tools and Indiginous knowledge offering practical ways to be happy and healthy in your day-to-day life.

What is medicine?

Medicine is the knowledge and tools that keep you healthy and balanced. No one could survive in the old days without the basic knowledge of the medicinal plants. Everybody knew what tea to drink for a cold, what herb to rub on a burn; it was just common knowledge. Traditional medicine is how you take care of your being, mentally, physically and spiritually. Being well is important and medicine is the knowledge and your tools to keep yourself and your family healthy.

Who are medicine people?

In all traditional societies there were people who were more advanced with the medicine and who were able to change it. In Cecilia’s culture, she would be called “Antwap”, which means nothing more than a tool to be used by God. The medicine has nothing to do with her, she allows herself to be used. Cecilia’s medicine uses animal and plant energy to open you back up. Native culture believes that a medicine person tickles your spirit, like when you were born, just open completely and directly to all the love in the world. A medicine person is also a guide through a process of healing for individuals and families.

When to start practicing natural medicine?

You have to want to change, want to be useful, want to be decent, not just want to be rich. Medicine keeps people healthy because in a cooperative society, everybody did what they did best and nobody went without. Native medicine isn’t about working on your flaws, it’s about moving forward and being useful, getting into your natural rhythm, so you can do what you do well. Until a person is willing to be honest to some power, medicine people cannot help them, you need to be ready.

How to use healing medicine

You may drink a tea at night, heat something up on your stove for four nights, create a music instrument or drink water with a leaf in it. Cecilia provides clear instructions and your tools to continue your healing process. It’s up to you to follow through. It’s important to use the medicine properly, just like anything else, too much of something can cause negative effects. There is never a need to alter the medication or get creative with it, unless Cecilia instructs you to. It’s as easy as following simple instructions.

Medicine is sharing knowledge

Common knowledge is very important. Our kids should know what is good for them, they should be able to walk down the street and pick berries instead of potato chips. We should have our native plants back, so our kids can be healthy. People who are serious about feeling better and taking action should grow something, start a garden. People want to be green and ecologically sound, here’s something practical that you can do at home or even an apartment; grow food or medicine.

A Message from Cecilia Garcia

We all know in our hearts when we’re doing something wrong. We all know we should be getting more exercise, eating better, shouldn’t be doing this, shouldn’t be doing that. Medicine is tools to help you stop cheating yourself and the tools to go about with a good attitude. Medicine is about self-acceptance. When you accept yourself you do good things.

The test of a warrior today

Is how kind you can be and what can you create for people to be useful. Whether it’s just to put a smile on their face, or feed somebody. Native medicine gives you the practical knowledge to lead a good life in today’s modern world.

Cecilia’s Teachings Offer

You and your family the common knowledge that Native Americans needed to be well and go about their life, healthy and being their best.